Sunday, 25 May 2014

American Pride IPA

Maxim Brewery


There’s something undeniably special about a beer early in the day. A cold shot in the arm when you know that nothing you have planned for the remaining sunlight hours requires the use of heavy machinery, the practice of heart surgery, or even driving. Beer for breakfast is a good thing.

In moderation. Don’t be a dickhead.

It was with a cold pint of focus and clarity in mind I hit my local Wetherspoon’s for a jar of Maxim Brewery’s American Pride IPA. God damnit, just look at that pumpclip.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Whitley Bay Rockliff RFC Beer Festival

The taxi taking me to the Whitley Bay Rockliff RFC Beer Festival crashed en route, killing me instantly. That's the only explanation I have for rolling through the doors of the venerable rugby club only to hear that the price of beer tokens had been slashed to one single British pound.

A quid a half. Two pounds for a pint. The afterlife is a cheap place to drink.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Black Tongue Double Black IPA

Signature Brew


Beer and heavy metal are tough to pry apart from each other. You don’t expect to smell the lingering aroma of champagne when you go to a little subterranean sweatbox to watch a gang of hairy folks hammering out ungodly riffs to a sea of horn-throwing metalheads.

Iron Maiden were the first metal band (to your correspondent’s knowledge) to roll out a signature beer (via Robinson’s brewery, and it’s rather good) and Mastodon have now joined them in the business of headbanger fuel, joining up with Signature Brew to unleash Black Tongue Double Black IPA on the unsuspecting world.

From the “kssssh” of the cap’s release a miasma of chocolate and roast vanilla scents is immediately spawned in the air above the open neck of the 330ml bottle. A gluggy, claggy oil-pour leads to a quite lively, eventually thinning, rough and bubbly beige head atop a dirty, black body. The colour of Black Tongue isn’t the ruddy, bloody black of a stout such as Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Finish, but the filthy brown-upon-black of a miner’s boot after a shift.