Thursday, 19 June 2014

Colomba, Bière Blanche de Corse

Brasserie Pietra


“J’accuse”, the shawled woman’s stare seems to say. The Corsican lady on the label of a bottle of Colomba has the most accusatory look I’ve ever seen on a beer bottle. It’s the “I know your secrets” look. The fixed eyes that whisper “you thought you were alone”.

It comes as a relief that the beer within the bottle is nothing as venomous as the Corsican gaze burning out from the label.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Craft Beer: The 100 Best Breweries in the World

You know who your friends are when everything is turned upside down. More than that, you learn a lot about yourself.

Ominous words to introduce my plug for Craft Beer: The 100 Best Breweries in the World, I know, but my experience of writing the German side of this bookazine (along with some of the rest-of-world pieces, and some other stuff I’ll get into) is entwined with personal upheaval.

In December of 2013 Chris Hall asked me to join the team working on  Craft Beer: The 100 Best Breweries in the World, a publication for the now-defunct bookazine division of Future Publishing. Three days after I accepted the offer to join the squad my marriage fell apart.

It fucking sucked.