Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer

“Take a letter, Ms Friel.”

Just under two weeks ago your correspondent took a spill in the bathroom and bust his right AC joint up bigstyle. As I dictate this introductory paragraph to my special lady, who is kindly acting as my secretary and helping me live out all kinds of misogynstic fantasies, my shoulder is still dislocated and hurting a whole bunch, making typing almost impossible. Luckily I had this piece drafted from a few months back, when I “celebrated” 500 page views with this beer. As I’ve now passed 1,000 (and thank you all so much, by the way) here’s my review of Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured- and I quote- “Beer”.

Yours Sincerely

Ruari O’Toole

Dictated but not signed