Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pigeons, Money and Comics.

Hi all

First off, there's not much beer in this blog post, although at the end I'll be posting a teaser of what I'm going to be drinking for you in the next few days.

I've mentioned my girlfriend Emma Friel on here quite a few times. For those of you who don't know her she's a freelance illustrator and animator, and draws/writes a webcomic called Crumbs.

She's set up a crowdfunding page to raise money to help her fund her work on this webcomic, and I'm here to shake the tin a bit.

Emma's using a site called Patreon, which is a site that allows people to be patrons of any kind of creative person- photographers, musicians, artists and even beer writers use Patreon to help fund their craft.

Patreon doesn't seem to have made as much of a splash in the UK as it has in the States, and since UK readers are my second largest demographic I thought I'd quickly explain what Patreon is.

Patreon lets you fund a creative type with a donation every month, which can be as little as $1 USD. This isn't some sketchy charity deal where you get strongarmed into paying tons of money, and it isn't some Acai berry scam where you make one payment then get bent over a barrel and robbed by an account in the Cayman islands. You can stop or alter your payments any time you like, and it has a similar perk and reward system to Kickstarter.

Being an artist costs a surprising amount. Emma goes through sketchpads at lightning speed and that's not just from filling them with the words "Mrs Emma O'Toole" surrounded by hearts and stars. She consumes pencils at roughly the same rate that a bonfire would and artist's tablets (the ones you use to draw on a computer, not the ones that keep you up all night grinding your teeth and thinking about reptilian conspiracy theories) seem almost designed to break.

I've got a day job that, while being poorly paid, does at least keep the big lads in puffa jackets away from the door, but Emma relies entirely on her freelance work for her  supply of Mongozo Coconut income. 

I'll throw you over to her Patreon page now, but then come back when you've read it and scroll down to see the probably anticlimactic teaser picture of the beers I'll be reviewing next!

Keep scrolling.

And scrolling


The two new beers from Guinness! And also my tasteful living room, with my highbrow TV habits on display.

I'm fair excited about these beers and hope to drink them very soon. Until then, I hope you consider funding Emma's artwork. If you have any questions about her project, and funding it, feel free to tweet her at @grumblesquab.

Cheers, friends. Normal beer service will resume in the next few days.

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