Monday, 4 May 2015

A Night at the Office Again. And a Very Nasty Complaint Letter

It’s November 2001. I’m out on the megalash in Morpeth for a college friend’s birthday. There was meant to be a million people coming out but it’s just me, the birthday girl and two others. We’ve been drinking at a bar called The Bank. It sells two bottles of wine for a fiver and one of my comrades started the night off by taking advantage of this offer, sitting on the floor and, beanie hat pulled down over his eyes, straight up inhaling two bottles of cheap red.

The night ends with my trainers covered with the stomach contents of a newly-minted 18 year old and the oldest member of the team (mid 30s, should know better, etc) trying to get in a fist fight with a moving pickup truck.

Morpeth used to be WILD.