Friday, 29 January 2016

Done Time, Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Stout

When you pick up a beer bottle and find the cold, impassive eyes of Al Capone staring at you from the label you know it's going to mean business. A thick, dark stout is imprisoned in this black bottle. A brooding and menacing thing that rattles a tin cup against the bars and maintains steady and unshaking eye contact with whoever dares to walk past its cell.

I know this because three years ago I had my first run-in with Anarchy Brew Co's Sublime Chaos Stout. This is the same beer but hardened by time behind bars. It's done a nine month stretch, solitary confinement within a Pinot Noir barrel. And now it's time to slam down the lever and uncage this barrel-aged thug.

Sublime Chaos Breakfast Stout

This review was originally published by Rum and Reviews in January 2013
Sublime Chaos Breakfast Stout, from Anarchy Brew Co, is reviewed by Ruari O’Toole.
“…a taste and feel that somehow manages to remind me of the crack and burn of a Christmas cracker’s unsheathed guts…”
Sublime Chaos Breakfast Stout
Anarchy Brew Co 7% 

It’s always a good sign when a beer pours like black petrol and carries the word “breakfast” on its label.
Sublime Chaos pours thickly from the neck of its little 330ml bottle and the head soon withers away to a thin line of chocolaty foam topping the body of this tart, blacker-than-murder beer.