Friday, 30 September 2016

Schwaben Brau- Clearer by the End of the Week

Blue skies herald the beginning of the weekend. Today September is dying hard, burning away into October with a summery curse on its lips. Friday night rolls into town beneath a retreating sun, wide eyed and thirsty.

This week I have been drinking beers from German brewery Schwaben Brau, which are currently on sale at Aldi branches throughout the UK. It's time for the final beer, a bright and clear Pilsner called Das Helle, to come chip away at the hangover that its cloudy sibling Das Naturtrub started up last night.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Schwaben Brau- the Haze Comes Down

A hazy beer for a hazy day, with a low Autumn sun cracking its knuckles and preparing to cause countless rush hour fender benders, Das Naturtrub from Schwaben Brau sits smug and cloudy in its half litre swing-top. The fourth of the five German imports currently carried by Aldi UK, and the second last in this little series. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Schwaben Brau- Festivities Continue!

In Stuttgart they are making merry. The Canstatter Volksfest is in full swing. An Autumn festival which happens to include a huge amount of beer drinking is probably the best kind of festival there is, and while it absolutely sucks that I'm missing it, as well as the Oktoberfest in Munich because of course I could make myself appear in two places at the same time if beer was involved, a bottle of Schwaben Brau's VolksfestBier sits before me, glistening with perspiration like a prize-winning dray horse.

Aldi UK is stocking five of Schwaben Brau's beers at the moment for £1.79 a bottle, and I'm drinking them every night of the week for you all. Tonight is the turn of the beer brewed specially for the festival that I'm missing.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Schwaben Brau- Darkness and Light

"I'll have my own Oktoberfest", I say to the ghosts of dead beers that float through my little house. "I'll have my own Oktoberfest", I say to the moths in my bank account. "I'll have my own Oktoberfest", I transmit psychically to the Aldi cashier as I pack my bag with bottles of Schwaben Brau beer. None of them hear me and I go home clanking and thirsty.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sixpoint Resin

There is hype, and then there's anticipation. There's the machinations of a slick hype machine, a "GABBO IS COMING" sign on every corner, and then there is the internal clamouring for a beer that seems just out of reach, just a short hop over the Bastard Atlantic.

For two years this reporter has tormented himself with hopes of Sixpoint Brewery's Resin Double IPA crossing that damned ocean and arriving in his sticky and noisy Wetherspoon's, to the extent that any hype there might have been from the brewery has slipped by him.

The slender can with the all-caps word that promises dank and cannibinoid scents, the alcoholic volume that threatened sweet obliteration and the Beeradvocate scores that promised I would either be extremely let down or very much in agreement, all of this has crossed the sea. 

Two cans of Resin are on the table in front of me, in John the Clerk of Cramlington, along with a smiling-faced rubber beanbag toy abandoned at the table by its prior occupants. Resin is here and I'm opening the can up right now.